Jacobean Drama: ‘De-Fashioning Feminism in the works of the Patriarchal Bard and his peers'

Feedback: “Christie, this is a really fantastic piece of work! Well done! Sophisticated in argument and with an impressive and nuanced critical stance, you explore complex critical and contextual issues with intellectual purpose and vigour. There are some really impressive examples of close-reading here, with cogent and impressive attention to language… This is a well deserved triumph! First Class Honours (Mark: 75) - Dr. Rosanna Cox Professor of English, University of Kent.

Elizabethan Drama: In what ways does Elizabethan Drama portray or betray 'anxious masculinity?'

Feedback: 'This is an excellent essay, Christie, congratulations! Your argument is both original (at times), highly sophisticated and complex. Your attention to language is excellent and your writing is engaging and extremely persuasive... this is a very impressive piece'. First Class Honours (Mark: 73) - Dr. Rosanna Cox Professor of English, University of Kent.

Romanticism & Critical Theory: Discuss Shelley’s claim that poets are ‘the unacknowledged legislators of the world.’

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