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The Coup of January 6th, 2021.

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My Fellow kind,

Yesterday, on January 6th, 2021, the dream of the American Republic came to an end. 

In its stead, there is now, cemented into place by the final act of a four-year coup d'état, a single-party system. This Uniparty masquerades as two adversarial parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. 

Both of these parties have betrayed their people by colluding to overthrow the legitimately elected government.

In the following article, I will endeavor now to explain succinctly what I mean. 

A coup d'état requires several key institutions to be controlled in order to be successful.

In America, the F.B.I and C.I.A have become the defacto Gestapo wing of the Uniparty. They are effectively paramilitary secret police used for political ends. Where is the evidence, you ask? We need only look to the blatant and egregious abuses of power to persecute political opponents throughout the Trump administration. In sum, CrossFire Hurricane. A particular piquant example was the arrest of Roger Stone. Stone, a US citizen and advisor to the President - as well as an old man, was arrest in the middle of the night by a strike force equal or greater in number and almost of equal force than that sent to kill Osama Bin Laden. Meanwhile, there have been zero efforts on the part of these so-called intelligence agencies to investigate the clear corruption of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Dominion, and the election rigging.

Another Institution that is critical to a successful coup is the media. When countries go to war, often one of the first targets is the television recording studios and newspaper printing presses. From here, the occupiers can control the narrative of the invasion, and thereby control the people conditioned to trust the press and the media. In the US, over the last decade, we have seen a level of collusion and corruption that rivals any in history. Censorship of any and all major stories which hurt leading figures of the Uniparty. 

All stories of Joe Biden’s criminal activities in Ukraine and China, in collusion with his wayward and corrupt son, have been swept under the rug by CNN, MSNBC, as well as a host of others and even Fox and NewsMax. A dual narrative in which the media fully aligns itself with the aims of the establishment, as opposed to acting as a check and balance on the powers that be, is the death of self-governance. If wrongdoing can no longer be exposed, and even when exposed, silenced, and maligned to the point of being entirely ineffective, the country is no longer a republic. 

Big Tech's censoring of the President and any and all whom they oppose is further evidence that both corporate power is aligned with the takeover. We have many reports coming in that these companies are also pressuring banks to cut off Trump and defiant GOP members from their finances. Josh Hawley's book has been canceled by his publisher for his actions to defend the US Consitution and electoral integrity. Banks and corporations are one of the major pieces that must be secured to effect a takeover. Big Tech's collusion and coercion of the financial institutions, as well as the massive donations from Wall Street to the Biden/Harris ticket, prove this beyond any reasonable doubt. 

Courts play an extremely significant role in the seizure of power. As a body, courts are supposed to strive for justice and equality before the law. They are enshrined with the greatest power of the law, and ensconced from other political bodies, the military, DOJ, etc., as well as the electorate to varying degrees. In short, the greatest possible lengths are taken to provide the courts with the capacity to protect the Constitution, to honor the letter of that foundational law. When courts become partisan or are cowered and corrupted to the point that they refuse to grant cases on the most obsequious and untenable grounds, the Constitution of that country becomes merely a piece of paper. A piece of paper that can be ignored, as the constitutions of most supposed ‘republics’ are across the world. 

The Society Union had a constitution which in promises, quite frankly, surpasses that of the United States, and certainly that of the Magna Carta, from my country of birth, Great Britain. However, if the courts are cowered, partisan in the extreme, or corrupt, the constitution is as good as toilet paper for those who hold political or military power.

The US Supreme Court, and almost all courts below it, were cowed or too corrupt to take the legitimate cases and mountains of evidence of election rigging, despite the full weight of over 75+ million voters, 20+ states and dozens of AG's, Senators and Representatives, as well as the Chief of the Executive, the sitting President of the United States. This Judicial failure is in a word, catastrophic.

The America Republic is dead. 

In its stead is an all-seeing, all-knowing unholy alliance of fascist-communist of Big Tech, Media Elites, shadowy, unaccountable, so-called 'Intelligence Agencies', and last of all, the rabid, Marxist, racist Democratic Party, skin grafted to it's ugly and retrograded brother, the Republican Party. All these forces have conspired to form act effectively a Uniparty, with a militant wing of violent mobs of insurrectionists in BLM and Antifa and rage mobs of cancel culture inquisitors to act as their cudgel on the citizens of their own country.

US elections have been proven to be demonstrably corrupt to the point of not just making a mockery of the countries electoral system, but destroying its legitimacy completely.

I repeat the American Republic is dead.