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Song of Innocence & Experience

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I remember, hardly remember at all
The clever words I used to win
The games of right and wrong
Licked libraries, my chest heaved a stockpile
Infinity of arsenal to gun down
The ignorant,
The wicked,
The wrong.

Know that I know for sure
I played a holy fool all along.
As a proud acorn might seek to claim
The forested top, I sought that rarified high ground
As a grain of salt might belie and believe
himself the Wisdom of Sea

- The thought I was it all -

Yet even now,
I dare to breathe,
Speak with certainty
Humbled and dumb
And ignorant as a man…

There was a moment, long ago
When I knew what it was that I know,
Yet since then, the world behind my eye has tilted -
From a sudden fall

Whence came Experience who with
Calloused hands,
Kissed my tears
The aching years,
And took me home by the hand
To Innocence.

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