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No Country of Mine.

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It is time for non-violent, mass civil disobedience.

Live Stream Clapham Common Anti-Lockdown Protest.

A non-violent protest in the UK took place in Londo, Clapham today. Citizens loosely gathered to express dissent for the third national lockdown within the last 10 months. The event has seen the arrest of several peaceful, non-violent citizens who had gathered independently to demonstrate.

Citizens passing by the event were seen expressing their shame and displeasure towards police treatment of the protestors on Clapham Common.

In response, Police Officer's harassed and bullied citizens out taking walks who expressed their views on the arrests being made and the measures being enforced.

Several officers claimed that 'science' and the disease's death toll justified their actions against the public.

Many members of the public countered that this was the third national lockdown of it's kind. If the first two did not work, why were police being used to enforce a third?

Officers countered that citizens should 'write to their MPs' if they wished to contest the current government policy.

However, the non-violent protest, which was originally planned by Westminister, had been preemptively issued a Public Order to disperse. This denied them the opportunity to gather where protestors would have been able to voice their displeasure and dissent to their elected officials.

Officers attempted to arrest a journalist from Subject Access, who provided a Livestream of the protest. Police harassed and bullied the journalist. Demanded that he produce 'an official press pass' after they deemed his existing press pass, union card, and other documentation to be inadequate.

A citizen passing by and witnessing the police harassment and intimidation of the journalist said, in light of the journalist's calm and professional demeanor, 'I just want to say, you have the patience of a saint.'

Police succeeded in their intimidation of the journalist, forcing him to leave the area and allowing the Police to continue their intimidation of citizens and the oppression of protestors without any media presence to ensure accountability.

Police are being used by the Government to enforce a tyranny upon the citizens of their own countries.

It is time for mass civil disobedience in the UK, Europe, and the US.

We must begin to peacefully assemble, en masse, wearing masks and observing social distancing to protest this tyrannical use of the Police force and machinery of the Government.