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Lest We Forget

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What kind of Man is this
To drop upon his knees
For the needle bore of rifles
Police batons and minutiae of evil
How these weapons warred come
Twist our word and world to
Tumbling down
The precipice to tyranny
Children corralled into hideous
Temples, like a lamb of life to sacrifice.

Lies have become the falsest wisdom
All covenants we had made now are broken
Our memories forgetful
Our graphene will cold and brittle
Now never we speak of liberty
Or death
Now it is death or your
Liberty; forsaken are all our vows
We usher the bearers of new life, oven
Ready to the feast of noble lies
A sacrifice worthy and good
For the happiness of all mankind.
New stars like those of David
Pocketed and hidden to honest eyes
Gleam like diamonds and hearts for harvesting
Pricked meat for the butcher’s modern
Medicine, our new priesthood draped in white
Dancing, as Nero, or the Pope’s of late Christendom.
Now a new Pope Antony, his valet Vallance
And cruel Whitty, who murder and
Pillage while held up as Gods.

God will judge us all, as will our children.

We holding ourselves aloft to reign malice
On those who dare oppose
These filthy peddlers and the pimps whom they pay
Now all call for an Enlightened Crusade
Upon us. You and I. Mothers and children
And fathers. Now we are spies.
They think us unclean, Untermenschen,
like rats in a barrel,
As Hitler once spoke of the People of David,
Had his clinical priesthood and puppets
All lined up and testify to typhoid and lice,

What a piece of work is man, to fall for the same lies twice!

Many years ago, we tried and hung those
Who earned their deaths for dealing in killing
We swore to never, never, never forget,
Yet all the world now is malice and omission,
Evil, vice, coercion, corruption,
While innocent die and freedom is ravaged
Raped again, and again, and again, like the souls
Of our children.
This is how they would treat you,
As an animal to be tested, prodded and poked,
Dare you to defy, and they’ll smother and smoke,
Cruel evil as such as has never existed,
Atomic weapons lie useless and mute,
Against the weapon hatched upon us by our
Knights in White, the coats and ties, the false promises and lies
It must come from the kindest of hearts,
The Weapon of Wuhan,
No treatment for all.
Instead, take the bullet, be silenced or fall, to
The Devil’s Alphabet and the scourge of humanities soul:

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