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A New Technofascism Now Dominates the United States.

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And it's coming to a western democracy near you...

A shot rang out across the world on January 6th, 2021. Ashli Babbit, a veteran with four tours of service was shot at close range by what appeared to be a member of the D.C Capitol Police.

The occupation of the Capitol by a bizarre and dangerous group of individuals, perhaps up to twenty of whom may have been armed with a variety of weapons, notably a taser, is interpreted as an armed insurrection by Big Media and many Democrats as well as establishment Republicans.

Actions taken by these individuals has prompted condemnation from all sites of the political spectrum. 

Not satisfied with this, many called for retribution for the actions of these individuals on the political right. Despite the fact that the group who entered the Capitol included BLM militant, John Sullivan and Democratic lawmaker from West Virginia, Brad McElhinny.  

In the days following, a massive and coordinated purge of conservatives was initiated by powerful oligarchic companies. Twitter removed potentially tens of thousands of users. Claiming that these users were unverified.

Conservative members of Congress, as well as commentators and personalities, have seen precipitous and radical drops in their number of followers. Lastly, Twitter issued permanent bans to a sitting President of the United States, Donald J. Trump; as well as deleting posts from the official POTUS account. Other prominent voices on the conservative side, such as Sidney Powell and General Michael J. Flynn were also expunged from the social media website.

Furthermore, Facebook removed the group and banned thousands of organizers belonging to the group WalkAway, which consists of hundreds of thousands of members. The group's specific purpose was to give a home for disaffected liberals who, while previously Democrat in affiliation, felt the party and movement no longer represented them and had chosen to walk away from the party. This measure, in the cold light of history, could be described as an effective culling on Facebook of political opposition to the Democratic Party in the US.

This follows on from the previous actions in November when Facebook chose to ban and expunge Women For America First from the platform. The women group with 350,000 members, consisted of conservative women, who 'support the President and the America first agenda.' Late last year Eventbrite choose to blacklist the group, allegedly for breaching the terms of service, Breitbart reported on 10th November 2020.

However, efforts have not stopped there. According to IrishCentral.com, a mass of companies, such as Stripe, a Silicon Valley finance giant, as well as Marriot Hotel, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Citi bank took the decision to block all payments to President Donald Trump's fundraising campaigns.

Moreover, in a move not seen in this reporter generation, under pressure from other tech giants, as well as prominent voices on the left, Google, Apple and Amazon have all banned the number one trending download, a social media platform called Parler.

The companies and activists from the Democratic party have labeled Parler as a 'far-right' extremist website. Citing it as a haven for those it has decided are 'domestic terrorists'.

The FBI and other agencies within the US, rather than launching immediate probes into what would appear obvious and blatant collusion and racketeering case, have instead focused their efforts on further action against conservatives involved in the events which took place on Capitol Hill, on the 6th of January.

Technocratic authoritarianism and its merger with the Democratic Party (and many globalist/establishment Republicans) has now taken over the United States, and its crimes and persecutions of conservatives and centrists - while beginning many years ago - are no longer hidden.

The persecution and purge of America's centrist and conservatives. 

As such, it is our belief that the Biden Harris Administration represents a new Technofascist state. One brought in by the violent actions of Antifa and BLM mobs, killings and lootings. Predicated on FBI arrests and persecutions of high-profile conservatives and elected members of the government. This movement is bankrolled and enforced by the bribing, cohesion, blocking, censoring, and doxxing of the public Big Media and Big Tech and Wall Street.

Even the Judicial system of the United States has been compromised to the point of utter corruption and impotence.

A new techofascist dawn rises over what was once the land of the brave and the free.